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Attention: Attorneies, Advocates & Legal Services Providers, Who Wants To Skyrocket Their Admissions...

The Secrets Of Rapid Growth In Your Legal Services business Is Revealed

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Vakilsearch used its years of experience interacting personally with customers to create an extensive support bot that can get you the legal resources that you need. The bot is truly a marvel, having all of Vakilsearch’s extensive services at its fingertips.

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We help law firms book more consultations using chatbots

From answering basic legal questions to scheduling consultations, we can help. Our chatbots help law firms drive more leads into their funnels by improving their landing page experience.

Appointment Management

Build an automated appointment management assistant that helps patients schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments from your website. Integrate with your hospital management system to prevent conflicts and update schedules in real-time.


Patient Onboarding

Create patient onboarding chatbots that collect necessary details and documents from patients. Send the collected details to your patient management software instantly and securely.


Health Risk Assessments

Build a virtual health assistant that talks to patients about their symptoms. Use NLP to screen patient input for symptoms and pass the information to your patient management system


Build A Lead Capture System That Actually Converts

Landing pages that use chatbots to capture leads are more intuitive, mobile-optimized, and engaging than traditional landing pages. The end result is a better site experience for prospective clients, a higher conversion rate, and most importantly and a 33% lower cost per lead.

Automate 80% Of Customer Queries

Legal clients aren’t legal experts. They invariably have questions about the legal process before they’re willing to book a consultation. Answering these questions over the phone and email is unscalable. It leads to messy email threads and games of phone tag. Our chatbots can handle these questions for you so that you can intake clients faster.

Make intake frictionless

Whether you need to ask clients a few basic questions or collect a stack of documents from them, we’ve got you covered. With over a dozen input types, our chatbots make collecting information from clients a frictionless process.

Head Line

Create an automated Hospital Assistant that can answer administrative queries without human assistance. Reduce burden on hospital staff and give patients the instant answers they deserve.


How it works

Map out your business processes

Using our no-code chatbot builder, we will help you map out your business processes into easily navigable conversational flows.

Deploy your chatbot

We will publish your chatbot either as a widget on your website, as a standalone webpage, or in your mobile app. Regardless of the channel, the process takes less than 15 minutes.

Analyze, Integrate and Optimize

Our work doesn’t end once the chatbot has been deployed. We will monitor how people are using the chatbot, send the data to your databases and optimize the chatbot to meet the user’s needs.

See the demo of one of our AI & NLP Based Digibot in Action 

If you are a real estate agent, getting a property listed from a person is a harrowing process. It involves emails, calls and a lot of followups. Imagine if you had a bot assistant that handled all the mundane stuff for you. Check out this bot.

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The future of customer experience is conversational. 

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